Specialists in vietnamese Catering
corporate and private events




Specialists in vietnamese catering
corporate and private events


Our journey is the journey of Vietnamese Australians

Our personal journey mirrors the journey of Vietnamese food, and the wider Vietnamese community in Sydney that we are a part of.

From humble beginnings growing up on the fringes of the city, being lost as to what it means to be Vietnamese in a foreign land, we've followed the blueprint that our parents provided us - gaining acceptance and respect through diligence, curiosity, and innovation.

We've been lucky that as we've grown, Australia too has grown becoming more embracing of other cultures and their foods. Our goal is to change the perception of Vietnamese cuisine from something that's exotic, to being as normal as the faces you see on the street every day.

Dylan and Theresa Nguyen

continued tradition of generosity, curiosity, and sharing.

Family recipes tailored for your occasion

While our recipes, flavours and methods are traditional, our approach is not. Through years of experience we've refined our dishes to suit your occasion. Whether it's a grazing table for a private party, sharing platters for a meeting, or individually packed lunches for an offsite, you can be sure we've got the right flavours, look and service to make your event a success.


On time. stress free. the only surprises will be nice ones.

We appreciate the trust you are putting in us to deliver a knockout meal for your event. There's enough on your plate without worrying about unreliable, inconsistent, and late caterers.

Delicious. Beautiful. On time. Every time.

We won't let you down.

In the office

liven up those meetings

Nourishing, delicious, memorable.
Isn't it time for something different?

Special Occasions

Inclusive society, inclusive food.

Treat yourself, and your guests at home or a venue with plated dishes or a grazing table. Whether you're sharing the food from your childhood, or just sharing the food you love, we've got the skills and the flavours to compliment your special day.

Something for Everyone

Inclusive society, inclusive food.

Vietnamese Cuisine is loved for it's use of fresh herbs and salads, and a healthy focus on steamed rather than fried dishes.

What's less well known is our delicious range of gluten friendly, vegetarian, vegan and nut free dishes.

Flexible Service

Sometimes you just need something a little special

We pride ourselves in bringing the wow to your event. If that means going the extra mile then we'll do whatever it takes!

The freshest local produce

Timeless flavours

Fresh herbs provide the fragrance for our dishes.

One of our favourites is "Rau Tia To", also known as Shiso, or Beef Steak Plant. These leaves give our summer rolls and salads their distinctively vietnamese texture and aroma.

Our marinades and broths contain a variety of aromatic spices.

In any good pho the base comprises the magic five...
cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, star anise, cloves and coriander seeds.

seasonal fruits and vegetables provide that tropical touch to our dishes and platters.

we love it when green mango season comes around allowing us to provide that distinctive sweet and sour crunch to our salads.

salt and pepper shakers? no way.

lemon wedges, birds eye chilli, and Fresh herbs are our go to condiments.

lemongrass is an easy to grow plant that every new vietnamese family had growing up in australia. it was a little piece of home, and it still provides that same warming comfort to us in the kitchen today.

healthy and Gluten Free rice forms is the base of many of our dishes.

The landscape synonymous with Vietnam are the rice fields of the mekong delta. flattened and pressed into sheets, rice paper are the wraps for our delicious summer rolls

The rhythms of Vietnamese daily life have always revolved around the fresh produce of the markets.

We're lucky in Sydney to have access to all the essential ingredients delivered fresh to our kitchens. Here's a few of our kitchen staples that you'll recognise.

in the spotlight

Summer Rolls

Delectable parcels of rice paper, a choice of protein, fresh herbs, pickles, salad, vermicelli and a dipping sauce.

Mini Banh Mi

Crusty Vietnamese baguettes filled with your favourite proteins, fresh herbs, pickles and sauces.


Steamed Milk Buns filled with your choice of protein, creamy mayo, fresh herbs and pickles


Slippery Rice Noodles, sprouts, protein, fresh herbs and lemon with our famous 24 hour bone broth stock. choose from beef, chicken or vegetarian

Grilled Meat Skewers

juicy marinated meat skewers served with your choice of dips and breads or salad and vermicelli. choose from traditional flavours such as lemon grass chicken, shaken beef, marinated tofu.

Exotic Fruit Platter

A luxurious mix of seasonal tropical fruits such as mango, dragon fruit, fresh berries.

Gourmet Croissants

From our catering classics range, we serve up conventional favourites such as leg ham with brie and cranberry jam, smoked salmon cream cheese, and antipasto and rocket.

Chao Tom

A labour of love. Prawn and pork mince cooked on a sugar cane skewer served with vermicelli, salad, fresh herbs and dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Salads

Our range of fresh salads, light, tangy and characterful including Vietnamese beef salad, green papaya/mango salad, lotus shoot salad.

Sweet Boxes

The perfect morning tea, or to round out a nice lunch, we prepare an assortment of sweets treats, pastries and fruit.

Decorative Summer Rolls

Our signature summer roll displays using all natural colours designed to liven up your catering spread.

Summer Rolls

Delectable parcels of rice paper, a choice of protein, fresh herbs, pickles, salad, vermicelli and a dipping sauce.

When we are generous in welcoming people and sharing something with them - some food, a place in our homes, our time - not only do we no longer remain poor: we are enriched.
Pope francis


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